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A Message to my Fans (All 1 of them)

2012-06-28 15:37:21 by Shoecamera

HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ShoeCamera here, and it's GOOD TO BE BACK! I'm returning with my first uploaded song in 2 years, and also with my first uploaded original composition. No premade loops were used. Go listen to March of the Snapshots now, my attempt at making some music for the game My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic. I'm not officially developing it at all. The concept and everything behind it was made by Mane6. I'm just throwing the song out there to see if they will accept it. So, spread the word about the song and I to Mane6. Let them know that I'm here, waiting for the opportunity to help them, should they need it.

If March of the Snapshots gets positive enough reviews, I might just make MORE music for the game. So if you really liked it and think that it's worthy, let me know with a review. I don't get a lot of reviews, so I pay attention to all of them. Thank you for your time.

I'll also update the song if I must. I took the time to write it so that it could get in the game, so I want it to be as eligible as possible.


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